New SEO Company Launched in Preston.

PRESTON, England, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

SEO is short for search engine optimization and any business that has a presence online should be thinking about optimizing their site. With the correct optimization, a website can rank well in the search engines and ultimately get more traffic and make more money.

The trouble that business owners face is a lack of time and knowledge about SEO so it’s quite common for a website to be held back from reaching its full potential. Due to the lack of time and knowledge that people have, there is a huge SEO industry that exists online with companies offering to optimize websites in exchange for a fee.

A new website has been launched in the city of Preston that offers SEO services and it can be found at Owner Jack Morris said, “Having been doing SEO since 2007 and working in some competitive markets, I decided to start a local SEO company in my home city of Preston.”

He continued, “We are willing to look at all websites and businesses, but our main focus is to help other local business in Preston who maybe don’t have the expertise to fully optimize their site such as local tradesmen and high street businesses and these are the kinds of clients that we’re expecting to get. We don’t anticipate many pay day loan or car insurance companies to come our way and we probably wouldn’t want to work on such sites anyway.”

SEO has always been something that can either help a website or potentially harm it and that is especially the case today with search engines clamping down on what’s known as “black hat” SEO tactics.

Jack concluded by saying, “All too often we see other SEO companies offering nonsense services to unsuspecting clients such as forum spam that will only get the website owner into trouble with the search engines. A lot of business owners don’t know much about SEO and they will go along with it without realising that they’re putting the longevity of their site in danger. We have no intentions of engaging in such tactics and while white hat SEO can be a slow and steady process, it’s always the best way to go.”

The home page for SEO Preston can be found at

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